Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED
Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED
Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED
Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED
Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED
Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED

Retro Cycling Jacket (fleece) Ti-Raleigh Red - REDTED


Retro replica warm cycling wear from our Retro Cycling collection. With the look of the past and the comfort of the present.

Retro Cycling has a wide range of replica cycling jerseys from different vintage cycling teams. We have both long-sleeved and fleece items in our selection. This way you can enjoy the nostalgia and keep on riding, even in the cold! 

ATTENTION: 'Italian' sizing and 'slim fit' so be sure to choose one size bigger than your usual European dress size. CHECK OUT THE SIZING TABLE.

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Retro Cyclin Jersey TI-Raleigh - 1974-1983

This beautiful Raleigh cycling jersey is a RedTed replica of the jersey of the Dutch professional cycling team TI-Raleigh from the period 1974-1983. TI-Raleigh was a very successful cycling team and won several classics and stage races, with as highlight the final victory of Joop Zoetemelk in the 1980 Tour de France. An aerodynamic cycling jersey of high quality with excellent wearing comfort.

TI-Raleigh is a Dutch cycling team that was active in professional cycling from 1974 to 1983. The team was led by former cyclist Peter Post. The main sponsor was bicycle manufacturer Raleigh. Under the strict regime of Peter Post, the team grew into an almost unbeatable cycling team. Team manager Post saw his team as a collective - it was not just about one leader, anyone could win. In addition to the regime of Peter Post, it was also the strong team of Dutch riders that ensured the great successes. Famous Dutch riders who rode for this team included Jan Raas, Gerrie Knetemann, Johan van der Velde, Henk Lubberding, Bert Oosterbosch, Hennie Kuiper, Leo van Vliet, Cees Priem, René Pijnen, Ludo Peeters, Roy Schuiten, Gerben Karstens and Jacques Hanegraaf. And of course we cannot forget Joop Zoetemelk. Joop was the second Dutchman to win the Tour de France in 1980.



The Raleigh team achieved an impressive 905 victories. German rider Dietrich Thurau (1975-1977) was responsible for 52 victories, a great achievement since he only spent two years with Raleigh. The highest number of victories was won by Jan Raas (1975-1976, 1978-1983) with no less than 130 victories in the TI-Raleigh cycling jersey. Gerrie Knetemann (1976-1983) won 108 times in the TI-Raleigh jersey. At the end of 1983 the Raleigh team's victory streak came to an end. The sponsor Raleigh stopped.

TI Raleigh Renners

The RedTed Retro-collection - Sport Fashion with a hug

  • Wide elastic / silicone band on the sleeve
  • Wide elastic / silicone band at the bottom of the front
  • Narrow elastic / silicone band at the bottom of the back
  • Polyester with spherical micro-hole pattern (breathable)
  • Finished with flat seams (firm and no irritation)
  • Long and durable hidden YKK zipper
  • 3 spacious back pockets closed by an elastic band
  • Aerodynamic / slim fit
  • Italian size from XS to 5XL (choose 1 size larger than your usual size)

Warning! Italians sizes. Please choose a size larger than your usual clothing size. See size chart for measurements